Computer Assistance IT Consultants and solutions

Here at Computer Assistance & Everything IT, our business is promoting over all IT Health and know how. We know what we’re doing when it comes to IT! Otherwise, we would not be in business since 1996. Since that time, we developed and created our own office with our valued personnel. Then, we saw how partnerships help in more ways to serve our client needs. For instance,  for the sales and assistance of the Ad-Hoc Windows management program, we teamed up with Zucchetti. Likewise, for the distribution of networking products, we added Netgear’s Power Shift. 

As a result, our consultants, sales and technical staff can give the best solution to keep our clients happy.

Here's a Few words From our Computer Assistance & Everything IT Partners

The Zucchetti group is one of the key Italian players in the IT field. For example, we have over 3,000 employees, a distribution network that exceeds 1,100 Partners throughout the country and over 100,000 customers. 

Our group offers software, hardware and service solutions to companies, accountants, business consultants and trade associations.

We at NETGEAR turn ideas into innovative networking products.  This allows users to connect to the network fast and easily. Above all, offer a wide range of advanced features to meet any business need. Products that are simple to use, powerful, smart and tailor-made for you.

We've Got Your Bases Covered!

Having all your bases covered is the key to success! To sum it up, Computer Assistance is a solid point of reference for the small and medium sized company. Because of all the services we have to offer. Firstly, Hardware/Software solutions. Secondly, pre and post sales support. Thirdly, repair of personal computers and printers. In addition, LAN / WAN design and implementation. Including, Internet / Intranet security.