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At Ecoflam Solid Burner Manufacturing we specialize in combustion technologies.

At Ecoflam Solid Burner Manufacturing we specialize in combustion technologies. With that being said, we are a worldwide brand known for making reliable burners. On top of that, we know with the know-how of our tech team and the wide range of customized solutions for heating and industrial uses are key traits to have, so we can serve you better.

When you think of Ecology, Saving Energy, and Safety, then think Ecoflam Solid Burner Manufacturing.

After almost 50 years, we still develop our products with dedication and determination. We also address, Ecology, Saving Energy, and Safety. In short, this is why promoting our business here too is such a big deal for us. In short, we want to get the word out there.

Today, Ecoflam Burner Solutions & Manufacturing has a full range of blown air pressure jet burners for many types of fuels. On top of that, we can count on reliable partners in more than 100 Countries.

Our products have features that reduce installation time and keep up. In addition, they have great boiler/burner matching.

When we at Ecoflam Burner Solutions & Manufacturing Needed our Systems to connect, we called Arpro

The integration between the CAD (our Tech office), the GBG Cad.Lab (BO), and the @/Arpro programs, enhanced our system automation level. In this list, we’ll show you the departments that are involved:


  1. The Tech office
  2. The Warehouse
  3. Production
  4. and the Purchasing office


For example, this is how the system works for us. First, the CAD system designs & draws the project according to our customer specifications. Secondly, it details the components & warehouse items that we need. Thirdly, it auto-generates and groups the elements in the BOMs & Job Orders. Fourthly, it opens the integration with the business management software. Then, it auto-plans the supplier orders for us. Last but not least, it schedules production & all of the assembly processes.

Ecoflam Burner Solutions Manufacturing uses CAD with @/Arpro for system integration

For the BOMs or Job Orders, all we have to do is attach all of the documents (CRM). Such as, drawings, specs, pictures, etc. To sum it up, each attached file is completely handled by the system and can be opened by the program and shared into the whole corporate network. Meanwhile, it can be done in any format recognized by the Microsoft Windows® platform.

Streamline your System, it is so Easy to do!

The BOM or Job Order is then “auto-sent” to the base platform of the business management system. After that, it inserts the data into the archive and then auto-creates the missing warehouse items that we still need. Not only that, but it extracts the all of the details, schedules the production processes and so much more. As a result, this saves us a lot of time. Above all, this helps us to have stress-free integration management.

CRM and optimized Production management software

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