Global scale Nardini producers of bituminous waterproofing membranes

Nardini Waterproofing Membrane Solutions is the leading manufacturer of the machines that make bituminous membranes. Meanwhile, we made the choice of making and selling the products too. To keep it simple, if you need to waterproof we are your best solution. That’s because, the same machines we make our waterproofing membranes on, are the same ones we build for you!

Our high vertical integration rate is among the highest in the market, so this testifies to the mission of entrusted powerful and long-lasting machines. They’re carefully manufactured to maintain excellent performance for decades!
Just think, Nardini Waterproofing Membrane Solutions has been going strong for more than 68 years, so, we’ve got your back!

With Nardini Waterproofing Membrane Solutions, you've got Mechanical Tailoring at Your Service

We are here promoting our business too because having a machine tailor-made is not a common thing. Certainly, Nardini Waterproofing Membrane Solutions is not common so here we are!

Our rare ability is to combine your needs, our knowledge and our great products to come up with the perfect profit maker for YouThat is to say, Nardini works according to the spatial and production needs of your company to find the best solution for your waterproofing needs, so you can sell more membranes too.
In short, that’s how you have mechanical tailoring at your service! Nardini Waterproofing Membrane Solutions has designed and built full production lines for clients Since 1952!

Nardidni has mechanical tailoring at your service!

CAD and Integration with our Business Management Software was a Wise Choice for us!

The smooth integration between the CAD (our Tech office) and the business management programs, made our system automate everything that a production company can ask for!
In this list, we’ll show you the departments inside the web:

  1. Production Line
  2. The Tech office
  3. Warehouse & inventory
  4. Accounting
  5. and the Purchasing office
Nardini uses CAD integration with business management software @/Arpro

First, with the CAD system we design & draw the project according to the specs for each project. Secondly, this opens the integration with the business management software. Thirdly, the software details all of the components & warehouse items that we need. Then, it auto-generates and groups the elements in the BOMs & Job Orders. Including the fact, that it auto-plans the supplier orders for us. Adding to that, it schedules the production & all of the assembly processes for us too. Last but not least, being that the all of these departments are linked to the accounting office, all of us are on the same page. This is how the system works for us at Nardini Waterproofing Membrane Solutions. Because of this, it makes our jobs easy peasy!

With these following paragraphs, we'll show you just how easy it can be!

Nardini & @/Arpro solutions production software for the BOMs or Job Orders, all we have to do is attach all of the documents (CRM).

For instance, for the BOMs or Job Orders, all we have to do is attach all of the documents (CRM). Such as, drawings, specs, pictures, etc. To sum it up, each attached file is completely handled by the system and can be opened by the program and shared into the whole corporate network. Meanwhile, it can be done in any format recognized by the Microsoft Windows® platform.

The BOM or Job Order is then “auto-sent” to the base platform of the business management system. After that, it inserts the data into the archive and then reports the missing inventory that we still need. Not only that, but it extracts the all of the details, schedules the production processes and so much more. For example, it will let you know how many operators you’ll need to complete the project, along with all of your total costs.
As a result, this saves us a lot of time. Best of all, this is all done with a couple clicks of the mouse and in the blink of an eye!