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Pei Resistance Welding Solutions has searched for innovative solutions since 1993. As a result, we have a large range of technologically advanced product, both in terms of price and quality to offer. With these traits, we would love to share them with you. This is why, we are promoting our business here too!

The automotive industry, in the construction of household appliances and in car repairs, Pei Resistance Welding Solutions is your stop!

For over 32 years we have been known for the quality and reliability of our products. Furthermore, we have been able to satisfy the demands of companies that work with ferrous metals or light alloys. In the same vein, especially in the automotive industry, in making household appliances and in car repairs. Consequently, our vast range of resistance welders is something we are proud of.
For example, we make welders that can suit your every need in terms of positions. Firstly, we have Rocker arm spot welding columns. Secondly, we make Linear action spot welders to make you job easier. Thirdly, we have Projection welders for those small point projects. In addition, we offer Bench spot welders so you don’t have to move it around. Including, Wheeled spot welders for auto body repairs.

In the following list, we’ll highlight some more of our products:

  • Seam welders
  • Suspended spot welding guns
  • Twin spot welding groups
  • Twin spot portable spot welders

Pei, CAD, @/Arpro, and Business Management Speak to Each Other!

Certainly, from the time that we opened we have looked for the most efficient way to make our products. For instance, having our CAD system speak directly with our business management software. Consequently, our search ended when we found @/Arpro in it’s early stages because that was exactly what they had just launched! To sum it up, all of our designs, drawings, and notes auto connect to our warehouse. Meanwhile, we always know what we need to build each machine we make and even the costs. Better yet, it auto-generates orders to our vendors for the materials we still need. Above all, it’s connected to our accounting office so our numbers are always lined up.

Pei, CAD, @/Arpro, and Business Management Speak to Each Other​