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Advantage Business Training Group is promoting success, because in today’s competitive business environment, up-to-date knowledge, skills and means are the key factors to become a successful business. Subsequently, putting them into action improves your competitive advantage. It’s not just what you know, but how you relate to others that makes the shift. For example, studies have shown that interpersonal and self-management skills may often be more important than your technical skills. In short, wielding these key factors can help you gain more success.

Relationship building is the foundation of our professional and personal lives! Learn how to better communicate because avoiding the following is in every ones best interest. Firstly, poor communication skills can lead to confusion. Secondly, it can cause costly errors. Thirdly, cause broken relationships. Further, it can create a negative environment. Moreover, many other unseen problems. As a result, it can lead to strife, personally and professionally.

In the following list, we highlight our upcoming course (Getting the Message Across). Learn these important skills to:

  • create a clear message
  • improve your listening skills
  • create a good rapport with others
  • confront others tactfully 
  • build healthy and productive relationships

Advantage Training Online is a Surefire Way to Improve your COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE. Gain knowledge, skills, and abilities that create success.


Stress Management for Daily Living

Don’t let stress rob you of your health, energy, and productivity. Develop healthy habits, that will help you to deal with your stress. As a result, you’ll embody new skills to prevent and manage stressful situations. After that, you will wonder what all the fuss was about, to begin with.

Just $97.00

6-Day Action Plan to Get Control of Your Stress

The 6-day Action plan provides more in depth knowledge and activities to help you in each
of the key skills for managing stress. (It is suggested that Stress Management for Daily Living is taken first, because a good foundation is key.)

Only $97.00

Making the Most of
My Time

Whether you have never taken a time management course before or you are looking for new ideas to fine-tune your skills, this class will give you some tips on best practices.  For instance, how you can gain better control your time and life. Meanwhile, you can enjoy your “spare” time.

Dealing with Difficult People 

No matter who you live with or work with, they can become a difficult person! In this course, you will learn about different personality temperaments and what motivates them. You will also learn why they become “difficult,” and ways to communicate with them more effectively. Subsequently, you’ll see that managing the relationship is much easier than you think. Furthermore, don’t we all desire great relationships?

Prerequisite: Getting the Message Across. (coming soon)

Great Customer Service

Getting and keeping customers is the lifeblood of any business. Studies have shown that the number one reason customers do not return is due to poor service and attitude of an employee or a manager. This course will help you create positive relationships with clients. Moreover, you will learn to create a truly satisfied client that will continue to do business with you. Above all, we all treasure the all powerful, “positive” word-of-mouth.