Dante agricultural Machine Manufacturer

Dante Macchines for Agriculture is a Venetian company that is promoting our business here too, and our specialty is producing farming machines. Meanwhile, we strive to fit your every need. For example, we don’t make a one size fits all machine. Firstly, we make passive ones that you only have to set to do what you want. Secondly, we build mounted machines, so you can feel comfy while you work. Thirdly, we build every type of towed machine that you can imagine, so all you do is drive and then let it do all the work for you. In addition, we make them from 80 to 600 HP for you! So, we have every fit for every need!

Moreover, every type of machine adapts to meet the customer needs. Above all, we even make different equipment for different types of soils. As a result, our machines reduce your costs and keep the cultivation quality too. 

For example, we make a wide range of products for you. For instance, we make seedbed cultivators that work on the surface. In addition, we have sub-soilers & drainers that work up to 70 cm deep. Including, a classic or more innovative machines as well. Therefore, this reduces the number of passes that you have to make, because time is money. Further, the more you make the more you keep! 

From Tractor repairs to producers

Dante Macchines for Agriculture caters to you, because your harvest might too!

Dante Agricultural machinery production software

Currently, our market is equally divided between Italy and abroad. In fact, about 50% of the turnover comes from exports. In this list list, are the main countries where we serve.

  • Romania
  • Hungary
  • Ukraine
  • Bulgaria
  • Russia

In short, we are proud of the results we have reached in these areas. As a result, they have helped us grow the reputation of our brand. More importantly, it’s based on pure client satisfaction. To sum it up, call us and we will make you happy!