Farming Structures Manufacturing

Due A Livestock & Farming Structures is your best choice when you’re looking out for your livestock’s well being. In the same vein, our business promoting extra care in animal husbandry is not new. For instance, we have been in the industry for over 25 years and strong! Rest assured, we have a dynamic & highly professional team to ensure customers get only the highest quality products and services. 

Above all, we work next to our clients and provide the consult from the start. In other words, we help you choose the best investment and all the way through to the final design. In addition, we build and install the shelters to complete the project for you.


Words from the Due A Livestock & Farming Structures Founders

My brother and I have always had a passion for carpentry and agriculture. In essence, we started to collaborate with key companies in the field right away. After that, we opted to specialize in and make the livestock industry our core focus. So, we produced over 150 complete calf facilities for veal. Consequently, this transition led to significant growth across the whole company. After that, we began to concentrate our efforts on animal welfare. First, with our focus on the cattle industry, later followed by sheep and goats

Thus, the company began meticulously developing and designing all the parts for its own equipment. So, we started producing and pre assembling everything in-house.

Traditional Shelters are not always what's best for you

This passion, led us to have an ever-closer dialogue with the farmers. As a result, we learned their real needs and fulfilled services specific to the industry. This resulted in the new range of fabric shelters and agricultural hoop buildings. In short, they’re structures designed to serve as forage or equipment storage.

With all their countless uses, the success of the storage hoop shelters, paved the way for the design and manufacture of new models and in thousands of sizes. Eventually, we started installing over 800 structures a year! This spawned the idea of developing it further and transforming it into a shelter specially designed for housing cattle, sheep and goats. Thus, making it an excellent alternative to the traditional shed.

Due A getting closer to farmers to know the real needs

Due A Livestock & Farming Structures Rising to the Challenge!

Due A moving livestock while structures are being built
Happy cows in Due A farming structure
Sheep and goat fabric structure produced by Due A

Certainly, the challenge was to provide the clients with a number of alternatives when setting up a new facility. In addition, providing advice on interior stock flow and layout, which are key to the solution’s long-term effectiveness. This challenge was indeed overcome!

Today, Due A Livestock & Farming Structures is expanding its business and production, in line with its mission. Which is, growing, improving and innovating its products.

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