SEO Global scale Electromem & Schumacher group starters & batteries

Over 40 Years and Counting

For over 40 years, our specialty has been to produce battery chargers and starters. Electro-mem Schumacher Group is promoting of the business of cars and the power they’re meant to have.

During this time, we made sure to expand our range of products, so we could fully serve the auto world. Firstly, with the battery chargers. Secondly, emergency boosters. Thirdly, battery-alternator testers. In addition, more diagnostic tools. Above all, more body shops, because many serve more than 1.

Electro-mem Schumacher Group has Moved up and moved out

In 2016, we moved up and out from the historical site in Mussolente, because of the growing demand. To sum it up, we moved to a larger, more modern spot at Crespano del Grappa. Furthermore, we are located on the slopes of Mount Grappa, between Asolo and Bassano. Therefore, going to work is not a chore!

In conclusion, in July 2018 we became part of the American group, Schumacher Electric Corp. Best of all, they lead in production of battery chargers and boosters for the US and Global market.

If you’re looking for great auto products and need help, you’re in the right place. We’re here to stay. In other words, we’ve been here for over 40 years! Trust us because we trust you!