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From the start, we at Esseci Computers Hosting & Support have used the network in order to promote help for our customers. For instance, we sell IT products & services to individuals and companies. Moreover, we were the first service provider in our area. Therefore, we host many websites for all different types of companies and personal ones too. Further, we are promoting our business here too, because we believe in the “word of mouth” concept.

We’ve stayed committed and professional, while staying real. Firstly, we are personal and we will always keep it that way because everyone is unique. Secondly, we are always direct in the way that we advise you about our products & our prices too. Thirdly, we are responsible. So, when we say we will be there, we will be there to take care of what you need. Because of this, we have built a lot trust with our clients. In this way, we have been able to stay is business for so long.

Above all, we do not sell products, but services … In other words, IT items do become really useful when they are chosen with care and consideration. With it, you have a cost that lines up to your needs and that is adequately supported for the long haul!

To sum it up, we have grown simply and consistently. Meanwhile, we have maintained the respect and the closeness with our customers.


Esseci Computers Hosting & Support is IT

In the following picture, are just a few examples of the ways that we can serve you. In short, visit our website so you can see our hosting plans & support options. After that, call us so we can help you now.


“We have always valued collaboration with the producer of the @/Arpro ® management programs. 

“So, that’s why we have trusted and used them for over 27 years”!