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In today’s fast-paced world, keeping business and IT systems up-to-date, while
keeping them up and running is a constant challenge. Likewise, with the growing cyber
security threat, it’s important that any change includes 
the right security controls. So, Friweb Web Solutions & Development, is promoting our business here too. That is to say, that we want to help so you can know that your data is safe!

Vulnerability and Penetration Testing

What is vulnerability and penetration testing?

Firstly, our security vulnerability assessment services will maximize your risk reduction. Also, you will minimize any disruption to your business delivery.

Secondly, here at Friweb Web Solutions & Development we will evaluate your data systems by subjecting them to external attacks from the Internet.

Thirdly, you will stay one step ahead of potential attackers by using our testing services at regular intervals. Thus, allowing your IT systems to grow with your business. In addition, we do all of this without reducing your company’s defenses because security is a must. To sum it up, our approach to vulnerability and penetration testing is to give you accurate & quality service. As a result, we provide the flexibility to test a wide range of IT systems. Then, you’ll know that Friweb Web Solutions & Development is on your side for the long haul.

Accurate Service
The Automated assessment tools are supported 
by manual verification

Repeatable service
With our Test parameters you can repeat the
test under the same conditions

You can also include specific customer needs

IT Challanges

Likewise, in this digital age organizations depend on business and IT systems to operate effectively and competitively. 

So, we update these systems frequently, but even a small change can introduce new vulnerabilities. 

Certainly, we invest in significant efforts to ensure that systems are functioning efficiently. In other words, all of the necessary security controls are all incorporated. However, organizations don’t always verify that security checks are properly implemented or sufficient either. 

As a result, vulnerabilities will only be discovered after a security breach. Therefore, the organization is left open to potential financial penalties and more. For instance, financial losses and reputational damage that are hard to bounce back from. Including, theft of critical business information or intellectual property as well.

Our primary goals are to show you how a system is open to or insensitive to distinct security deficiencies. And, while it’s at the highest level of security possible. Then, we want to provide you the clear vulnerability mitigation recommended for you. For instance, these would be both simple to apply and adapted to the needed functions. That is to say, of the system that is being tested. Last but not least, we want to help our customers ensure that their IT systems are not the weakest link in their infrastructure. To sum it up, you will have complete Security for your business.

Vulnerability and penetration testing: & how does it work?

To clarify, with time and skill each network can be breached, so there will always be risks. That is to say, it’s all about risk management. With it, customers are eager to understand the risk to their own organization.

In the following list, we’ll highlight how Friweb Web Solutions & Development 
helps to reduce these risks:

  • we identify the technical & architectural vulnerabilities that can be exploited by attackers
  • we’ll assess the ability to withstand the common attacks
  • also, we prioritize the vulnerabilities based on criticality so we can help in planning the corrective measures for you
  • and we provide repair tips from our extensive hands-on experience and the industry best practices

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Above all, our service builds on the industry's best-known penetration testing. Including, the most advanced security assessment frameworks and standards that you can find.

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