SEO Global scale Financial Coach

I, Horacio Terzaghi, Your Money Man, am promoting my business here because I believe in a secure future.

Since 2013, I have dedicated my life to NEVER STOP HELPING A SMALL OR MEDIUM-SIZED BUSINESS, for instance.

Literally millions of business owners do not have access to capital for growth and expansion, because they don’t know how to ask and they get lost along the way. 

So, Horacio Terzaghi, Your Money Man is here to offer simple, fast and affordable loans. To sum it up, we serve small and medium-sized companies that have a hard time getting loans through a bank. Furthermore, we have long-term partnerships with our individual investors, helping them build their credit and offer loans with lower interest rates.

To grow your business you only need these 3 things.

First, your business experience. Next, a good business plan. Above all, money that keeps the business moving!

Traditional Loans vs Horacio Terzaghi, Your Money Man's evaluation

In the following, I’ll contrast the big differences between loans.

Traditional Loan Evaluation. Firstly, the amount you owe. Secondly, your payment history. Thirdly, your credit seniority. In addition, if this is new credit. Including, the types of credit you’ve used.

Assessment used by Your Money Man. However, with us we just look at these 5 things. First, your growth Potential. Secondly, your cash flow. Thirdly, your bank performance. In addition, your charging strategy. Lastly, your reputation and Social Media.

Our clients come from multiple industries, but they all have one thing in common … they all need cash to help them grow their business.

In conclusion, Horacio Terzaghi, Your Money Man can help you too if you really want your business revenue to grow.