Global scale IT.MET Metal Carpentry & Sheet Metal production management at a Global scale

IT. MET Metal Carpentry Masters is at Your Service

For many years, our company has produced painted sheet metal products of any type as a subcontractor. Thus, providing our clients with 20 years of experience and modern machines. With IT. MET Metal Carpentry Masters, there’s a lot of flexibility in the production. So, meeting short-term delivery needs combined with high quality standards, for large and small series, is standard for us. Therefore, we’ll keep promoting our business here because we are a big part of the supply chain! With that being said, IT. MET Metal Carpentry Masters is at your service!

We participate in keeping our customers' supply chain efficient!

This is the slogan that characterizes our business and corporate mission.

In these lines, we’ll highlight what we provide our clients with. First, we have more than 20 years of hands on experience. Secondly, we have always used 1st rate professionalism. Thirdly, we customize any project to your needs so we are all happy. Including, collaboration to make sure every one is on the same page. Moreover, you get precise finished products because of our modern laser cutter. Above all, you have a great quality product that we can all be proud of.

Our production staff is specialized in advanced systems, both in the processes & the full project details. Likewise, our technical engineers specialize in the programming & development

Certainly, we take pride in the fact that we can take on small to large projects because of our large work space. 
In addition, we also work with a large quantity of materials, such as, steel stainless steel, and aluminum sheeting.
Apart from the before mentioned elements, we work with all materials that are suitable for punching, bending, and welding.

We also supply a variety of finishes including, epoxy powder coated products or satin finishes.

In our mission to provide quality and savings for our customers, so we take these things into consideration. First, we start from the cost analysis. Then, we check all the certified raw materials. After that, we verify the product processing phases. To get this done efficiently, we use the @/Arpro®business management software. 


We’ve taken the standard way of managing production through the “Bill Of Materials” (BOMs), to a more scalable level with “Material Take Off”, also know as an MTO or a Job Order.

For instance, we can analyze the project by checking the drawings and the various technical aspects easily. In this way, we can determine what materials and tasks required to accomplish the project.

The integration between our customized production sheets and their Erp® Job Order, gives us the automation that we need.

Furthermore, we connected an “automatic time data tracker” with the main program, so it gives us increased efficiency. By using this system, we have the real-time data of work Progress. To clarify, it tracks the Operator Work Hours & Costs. As a result, we pass on the savings to you.

To sum it up, our goals are really simple to understand. Firstly, full seriousness because what our clients need matters. Secondly, efficiency because the quicker we get things done, the quicker our clients can start making money. Thirdly, professionalism because we know that trust is something you earn. Above all, excellent levels of satisfaction because a happy customer always comes back for more.