Global scale IT.MET Metal Carpentry & Sheet Metal production management at a Global scale

Here at IT.MET Sheet Metal Carpentry, handling various Customer Orders with ease is what we strive for! Likewise, one of our top goals is to optimize our production line. Meanwhile, we still have to respect the delivery deadlines and material supply. Further, fus to keep track of production times and methods. These are some of the challenges that we’ve conquered at IT. MET Sheet Metal Carpentry! Therefore, we are promoting our business here too! 

Yes! IT. MET Sheet Metal Carpentry, eliminated manual and redundant processes, and saved time.

Certainly, we know it’s difficult to get a handle on all the processes and players involved with orders management. That’s why we requested an integrated approach to process changes and improvements. That is to say, having full visibility into the entire order life cycle. To clarify, to have clear insight from the initial customer contact or quote through to the final delivery and payment. We’ll sum it up, that’s exactly what we have been able to do with the @/Arpro Software from Arpro Solutions, LLC.

For us, orders management has been made easy!

In this list, are some of the things that have helped us over the years:

  • Automated order routing which speeds up order processing
  • Integrated point of sale
  • Real-time inventory, synced pricing across multiple sales channels
  • Drop-shipping, partial fulfillment and back orders
  • Order Management, including invoicing, price lists, and so much more

Similarly, there are still valuable points that this program does for us. Firstly, we can view our sales profitability at-a-glance. Secondly, we can manage orders from anywhere including from third-party management. Thirdly, there are various search filter options so we find what we need quick! In addition, it has customized order fields and we can take special requests from customers. Including, us being able to handle returns and refunds (RMA) with ease. Moreover, the program maintains the records for both billing and payments.

@/Arpro Erp® has a graphical interface designed to facilitate us, because we manage so many customers orders. In the same vein, some of these orders have different deliveries even for the same order. So in this case, we need an overview instead of opening document by document individually. In short, it‘s great that one window shows the materials from orders that are still pending. Above all, even if they are partially executed.

Laser Cutting 101 and @/Arpro

Our customized platform is linked between the laser cutting system automation in the production department. We’ve been able to do this with the @/Arpro® business management software. To conclude, this program has been a profit maker for us because now we control the whole process, from the customer orders to the production tasks.

I.T.MET with it's innovative Machine