Located in Central Florida, John Rooney Accounting Expert offers many services to help companies and individuals make smart financial decisions. First, the Bookkeeping so all of your transactions line up and are accounted for. Secondly, all of you Accounting needs in one place, where entries line up with your books. Thirdly, we take care of all your Tax Preparation so you don’t have to worry about it.

With John Rooney Accounting Expert, you can make your numbers add up!

Put your mind at ease because all of your numbers line up to all of the above, as to avoid an audit! Including, your Tax Planning, which makes sure your payments are all up to date, thus avoiding any penalties and interest. On top of that, we will give you a Start-up Consultation so you are not left in the dark and so we’re on the same page with no hidden fees! In addition, we have Sales Tax services to help you save as much of your hard earned money. Keep in mind, John Rooney Accounting Expert is on your side. This is why we’re promoting our business here too!

Some common questions that we have easy answers for.

Have you started a new business? We’ll help you with State forms to see which title is best for you.

Do you have limited time for tedious bookkeeping? Not a problem, this is what we do so we always have time for you.

Do you have an established company? Great! We will find the best way for you to save money going forward!

Has the bookkeeping become overwhelming? Then, you are like millions of other people in the world.

If you have any questions, then we are free to help.

John Rooney Accounting Expert will help you relax and answer your questions

This is a piece of cake for us so let John Rooney Accounting Expert come to your Rescue!

Look no further!
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Since 2017, we’ve been part of Arpro Solutions, LLC’s Accounting Team.
Thus, we give technical advice and consultations to the accounting department