M'ANIS Gourmet Beer is going strong and is promoting a family legacy
M'ANIS gourmet beer is an Italian Craft Brewery

Everything comes from mother Earth…
Gianni Sfoggia

M’ANIS is a gourmet beer, but first of all it’s a trip from the earth to the senses

That is to say, a trip rich of notes and emotions. Certainly, we may meet and recognize them because they have been preserved and protected in the ingredients. In the next paragraph, we will explain why this is. Firstly, in M’ANIS gourmet beer we use the water from Schievenin. This water, is a precious source of Belluno’s Pre-Alps which feeds the Po Valley. Secondly, we use excellent German and Italian Malts. As a result, these make M’ANIS true select fine and fragrant. Thirdly, we use the best German and Czech hops of the year. In addition, the yeasts are from important stocks. To sum it up, these all are essential ingredients that helps us make this a richer bouquet of flavors. Further, we are promoting the beer that is just more than normal!

M'ANIS gourmet beer has every flavor bouquet that you desire

Our production processes, make M’ANIS gourmet beer unique & represent a quality brand for the final customer

From the start, to the finished and packed product, they are directly controlled by the enterprise through connected companies. For instance, Sfoggia Agriculture Division Srl, deals with the production and implements the sowing of the cereal grains. For example, barley is planted, grown and harvested. After that, Sfoggiatech does the processing and then malts it. Likewise, they are another enterprise of the Group. Furthermore, we count on the renown expertise of both Mr. Enzo, Malzmeister and Mr. Braumeister. Because, they really know how to give each type of beer its own identity. So, from here on out you will see why we are promoting our business here too.

Recently, M’ANIS gourmet beer presented the sole and original alcoholic beverage 3.9.

We produce M’ANIS with 100% Italian Carnaroli rice malt. Above all, rice is the pure cereal for excellence because it does not contain gluten. Therefore, we use it to create a gluten free drink. This malted rice is of exclusive domestic origin, and grown on the premises of COBI, the malt company in which M’ANIS is associated with.

Cereals grain, soil, water … this is the secret of M’ANIS true select.

The knowledge, the experience and the complete control of the processes offer always the best quality.

M’ANIS true select gourmet beer is the result of a concept, at first glance it is visible and expressed in the form of unusual and modern packaging. For instance, behind the letters impressed black on white, or white on black, they have a story to tell. M’ANIS is the acronym containing the legacy of the forefathers, Margherita and Narciso Sfoggia.

This legacy of our business was continued by the children and recently by the grandchildren. This is the result, of their diligence and passion. Because of this, we are promoting our business here too.