Maus Group & ReadyGrind Grinding machine production software

MAUS Group & ReadyGrind is a full global solution partner for foundries. In short, we provide automatic grinding machines. Including, core makers and handling equipment. In addition, we make automatic green sand molding equipment. Likewise, we make vertical lathes, so your business can work in a comfortable way. Meanwhile, when you keep reading, you will see why we’re promoting our business here too.

MAUS Group & ReadyGrind is active in technology for your business

As a result, our 30 years of experience has made us a leading company. For instance, our machines can be used for many application fields, and our robo cells grind parts up to 10,000 kg. 

Maus is Promoting Robotic cells for automatic grinding

MAUS Group & ReadyGrind promotes & presents the Revolution.

We have recently decided to reassess the new market demands. Therefore, we challenged ourselves by adapting this product to the demands of today’s global marketplace. In the following sections, you’ll see why it’s such an easy choice for you.

Firstly, it’s easy to program it to your specs. So, you can get started right away. Secondly, it’s made of aluminum and iron, so you know that it will last for a long time. Thirdly, it fits in a 20 ft container. In this way, you can move it easily and if you relocate it can come with you.
Best of all, it’s ready to grind!

Maus Group makes your grinding machines tailored to you
Maus Group & ReadyGrind & Promoting business


The end goal was to develop a new automatic grinding machine that would be more flexible. Likewise, with user friendly programming capabilities. Including, ease of operation and maintenance. Furthermore, lower delivery & operating costs. Above all, a more attractive price and a very reasonable ROI. As a result, it improves production, quality and profits.


The new ReadyGrind™ is a grinding machine that is programmable either inside the machine with a joystick or off-line using a programming bench. It grinds iron, aluminum, brass/bronze or steel. In the same vein, fixtures up to 154 lbs. with max dimensions of 27.5 in., and swings by 12 in. high.


The machine has one rotating electro-spindle with two tools, one attached to each side of the spindle with a laser measurement system. In addition, a tailstock, a two position pallet changer and Fanuc controls. ReadyGrind™ has a small footprint allowing it to fit inside a 20 ft. container and it weighs only 13,227 lbs. Above all, it can be picked up and moved using a forklift.