Global scale R&I Advanced Research and Innovation Molecular & Cytogenetic Diagnostics

Here at R&I Research & Innovation Genetics, we have had @/Arpro® TA Analytical Accounting installed for many years and we are grateful for it. In this way, we have full control over our revenues and our costs. Moreover, they are divided per analysis, specialist, and department so having full insight is a breeze. Furthermore, we can quickly extract the information about our analytical balance, budget, or both. So, we can compare all the numbers during, before, and after a project. Above all, it reports everything in real-time efficiently and accurately.

In addition, this program creates the automation & links to the corresponding accounting records. However, it is still kept separate for us, so we know the real status of our liquid assets. Furthermore, the program produces the analytical movements which are kept congruent. And, even if any of our specialists make any changes to it.

In R&I Research & Innovation Genetics line of business, absolute precision is mandatory

In this list, are some of the key things that this software does for us: 

  • total management of our cost and revenue per analysis
  • analytical transactions management
  • it balances our monthly forecast and actual for each cost/revenue department
  • records the accounting status of all costs and revenue
  • easy budget planning and various customized printable reports


To sum it up, we are in business not only for advanced research and innovation, but we are in business to make money and this program helps us to do just that. So, we are promoting our business here too because we love this program and we want to let you know.

Meanwhile, we make sure that our human resources is top notch, so we keep in contact and keeping it updated always comes first. For example, our team is made up of 14 professionals and, all of them are highly skilled in science. As a result, our staff can understand each other so much better. Likewise, they have a strong ability to interact and collaborate with our team members.