Professional and dedicated …

mechanical precision is our inspiration!

The versatility and flexibility of automation technology ensures the highest quality product in the manufacturing process. And it should start from the raw materials. As a result, it guarantees great customer satisfaction. Moreover, at Mechanical Precision we make sure that all of these needs are met. Because we do believe that returning customers are more important than anything else. So, we are promoting our business here too!

Likewise, the quality is an important goal for mechanical precision needs by Tecnoveneta because it adds a lot of value to our company. Also, we found that it helps to support both our development and growth.


Customer satisfaction is guaranteed because of the excellent manufacturing process that we adhere to. Above all, we have a highly specialized staff and the equipment too. In this way, it gives us the best conditions and the best RESULTS.

In this list, we will post some of our steps that help give you our high quality products:


  1. Firstly, our careful quality control of the whole work process is on right on pace. So, this guarantees that a product is made with the highest quality for you.
  2. Secondly, we have 7 different testing systems that are all state of the art. As a result, all of your parts are made with an A+ status.
  3. Thirdly, we can’t leave out our state of the art manufacturing technology that we have invested in. Because all of the check points are dealt with one at a time.
  4. Above all, you can always count on our open customer support during the production of your parts.

At Mechanical Precision we make all that you need!

For example, we make shafts, rollers, components and electrical winding machines. Including, shaped and toothed shafts and worm screws that are made by both chip removal and rolling. In this part, are the various fields that our products apply to.

For instance, they range from home automation, to household appliances and all the way up to the auto sector. Likewise, we use pure noble metals such as stainless steel and alloys for the nautical sector and the production of encoders.

To sum it up, all of these traits have has made us one of the most important companies in the sector of  three phase motors. Likewise, for the machine tools industry and the components sector.