Mechanical Construction & Industrial Automation

TECNOVI 1 Quality Mechanical construction started as an artisan family company back in the late seventies.

Meanwhile, with more than thirty years of experience, we have become an industrial reality. Including, the extensive skills needed for the field of mechanical construction. In other words, our skills are geared toward INDUSTRIAL AUTOMATION and MECHANICAL PROCESSING. And, we make them in small, medium and large dimensions for you. Furthermore, our products are aimed at the field of general mechanics and energy in general.

We create products that are tailored to the customer. That is to say, that we make the machines or systems according to the customer’s design. In addition, we develop new projects that satisfy all of the specs that a business needs. For instance,  with help of our efficient tech office we use a turnkey formula for you. Moreover, internal office techs are the ones that develop and engineer each project. So, you know your project is in good hands! To sum it up, that is why we are promoting our business here too. Because we want to get the word out to the people that just don’t know who we are.

The best kept secret for mechanical construction!

During this time, we adopted the @/Arpro Erp® Quality program to provide the quality planning, assurance, control, and the how to improve them.

Above all, we had this program customized for our specific needs. In this way, we increment the efficiency of our departments. And, it was not an issue at all because it’s so easy to do. 
For example, the program is not only focused on the products and service quality. But, it has a lot of effective systems for detection already built in. Including, the step by step corrective and preventive actions of how to take care of them.

We promote and provide innovative, efficient and modern solutions by using the most cutting-edge technologies and systems available. But, without straying from that unmistakable craftsmanship that can be seen in the painstaking care for even the smallest of details.

You can always count on us to see you through to the end!

Experience, expertise, and reliability makes us a company that is at the customer’s service. As a result, we operate in Europe, Asia and in the US to install and start up their business systems. Your needs and problems are on one side & on the other hand is our commitment to resolve them.