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LeClare Handcrafted Italian Footwear is Smart, Unique, and Sole

Here at LeClare Handcrafted Italian Footwear, we specialize in sandals and slippers. We are promoting our business here because we want you to share our passion. Therefore, we’ll share our history so you have some insight.

Our great adventure began back in 2004. We are an Italian company that designs and produces high quality slippers and sandals for our clients. With that being said, our aim is creating unique footwear. A lot of variety, care & precision go into all our Handcrafted Italian Footwear. Firstly, we handcraft each model in our collection. Secondly, we search for the best raw materials at hand. Including, the authentic packaging. Above all, we make them with the ancient and esteemed Italian manufacturing traditions. In short, if you want high quality comfort, LeClare Handcrafted Italian Footwear is it!

Italian quality, with every step you take.

We only select materials from high quality Italian companies. These include, the wool, fabrics, soles and the insoles. In addition, all of our cutting and packaging are done in-house. However, during the holidays we do use the help of local companies. To sum it up, our #1 goal is to give you ultimate quality with all our footwear. As a result, we give you continuous and lasting comfort. This is why our motto is, “Italian quality, with every step you take”! So, by owning our Handcrafted Italian Footwear, you can never go wrong! 

For instance, the shapes of the slippers differ from the rest because they give you the right fit for each type of foot. In addition, we also customize products for our clients.

Moreover, the non-slip, lightweight and flexible soles allow for proper posture. So, they help to prevent damage to the spine.
Finally, we only make the insoles from polyurethane foam, latex or thermoformed cork. 

Therefore, our Handcrafted Footwear gives you both stability and support. In addition, we make them in different heel heights for you. We repeat, our footwear are entirely hand made and 100% Made in Italy. 

Thus, you get pure Italian quality, with every step you take!

We make it easy so for you, call us now and you will be happy!

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About Clara

LeClare Handcrafted Italian Footwear Founder Clara Perin

Our Founder, Clara Perin, was born to artisan parents. Her inherited passion for good taste and craftsmanship has been the foundation for her company. After many years of experience as a shoe model, young and dynamic Clara decided to take advantage of the knowledge and skills she’d learned. Meanwhile, she began to design and produce her own line of footwear. Not a bad gig for an ex-footwear model!