Client Relations and Contracts

This is a great solution is for managing client relationships as well as any activities that are linked to them. Including, for the provision of services and equipment and call centers. With our program, Client Relations and Contracts are all in one place.

Manage Client Relations and Contracts with ease by using @/Arpro CA

For example, this program integrates with the general accounting of the base platform. In this way, you can manage either manual or auto invoicing. Meanwhile, you have all of the information on the different accounts. On top of that, you can set “Alarms” on expiration dates and/or renewals.

Client Relations and Contracts are all in one place with Arpro CA CRM

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As you well know, poor contract management has a lot of cost and wastes a lot of your time! In other words, it’s labor intensive, slow and often leads to errors. It’s easy to miss approvals and renewals, or even lose contracts, for instance. In short, your Compliance suffers and the risk of losing sales increase too. As a result, it brings down the company’s bottom line.

Can your company afford ineffective CLM (Contract Life-cycle Management)?

The answer to that question is, no way!
To sum it up, there are multiple ways that you can avoid this by learning about and using these simple tips. First, make sure you can Track your project profitability, because big profits are why we’re all in business! Secondly, when you’re able to Manage your third-party contractors all in one place, you will save time and time IS money. Last but not least, make sure you have Automatic invoicing, so you don’t have to keep up with so many things. As an example, managing the “active cycle”, from the customer quote to the invoicing. To top it off, you manage the “passive cycle”. So, your freedom starts from the supplier order. Then, all the way up to the purchase invoice. With this tool, in control, because it’s simply automated for you.

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