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Edy Magnesotto

March 10, 2019at 8:28 am

Exceptional service and really friendly folks. I highly reccomend these guys.
Edy, 4C Srl


May 20, 2019at 11:10 am

You are professional and put your clients first. My suggestion is please continue (I have called you for my birthday, Mr. Luca put a smile on me).
Accounting Manager Federica, AEMME IMPIANTI


    May 21, 2019at 2:42 am


Uliana D.

June 1, 2019at 3:16 pm

Has not met the required standards of punctuality but Marco’s answer to the problem is adeguate and open me a new way to sale @/arpro. Thks Ms Uliana, sales WMS Italy

Giovanni V.

June 5, 2019at 8:27 am

I have to thank your salesman Paul for the customer demonstration. We sold and learned something more about @/Arpro. Thank you very much. CEO Giovanni Vudafieri

Vettori L.

June 5, 2019at 4:02 pm

The same here with another guy, but for me it was more difficult having manufacturers as clients and therefore interested in the @/Arpro ERP program. Time but more opportunities 🙂 Lucio V., VETTORI OFFICE

Valmassoi W.

June 17, 2019at 9:42 am

I have been using your accounting program for years (at least 8), I have seen significant changes in the last 4 editions; you have greatly improved the part that most interested me: ease of use. A common wish to be able to continue together for other years. Accounting dept., VALENZ Srl

    Valerio Nalon

    June 22, 2019at 8:50 am

    These results are achieved thanks to the contribution offered by our clients, in suggestions and new ideas. We are very open and sensitive to this. Thank you all. Valerio, Application Analyst, Arpro Solutions, LLC

Valerio, Application Analyst

July 4, 2019at 7:55 pm

In September we are going to release the new official version of the @/Arpro programs. @/Arpro 5.7, one year of development and investement to get better with the solutions. This is our formula: Customer Benefits = Benefits for all!
Valerio Nalon, Arpro Solutions, LLC


July 10, 2019at 12:19 pm

I can’t wait. Joseph D., Utensileria UPF


    July 13, 2019at 8:10 pm

    Me too. CEO Tonin Andrea, UPS

Paola D.

July 16, 2019at 3:46 pm

Good collaboration, means +++ business for everyone. Thanks. Sales department Paola, THE ROAD Srl


August 2, 2019at 2:00 pm

One suggestion I could have given you as a reseller was to not sell directly to the end-user, at least the high-end product line. You already do it unlike others manufacturers (Quickbooks, Peachtree, …), I appreciate it as I appreciate the investment you make in the professional channel. Thanks for the trust.
CEO Francesco dalle Fratte, VENEZIA SISTEMI Srl

    @/Arpro Team

    August 4, 2019at 9:14 am

    We believe in the strength of the group, each one has a defined role and plays it the best he can. We are program manufacturer, you all are our sales and technical support dept to the customer. We are here to ensure customer satisfaction and therefore benefit jointly.
    The Team of Arpro Solutions, LLC.
    Thank you very much+++

Robert B.

August 12, 2019at 12:06 pm

I really think you have to do +++ business on the ground, your competitors are much more aggressive but they don’t have better programs for that. I re-sell your programs and I also use them for my business management. I’ve tried different ones, yours is different and that’s why I decided to resell it. 1 suggestion only: more business on the ground.
Owner Robert, TF

Luca B.

September 1, 2019at 6:41 pm

I saw the new 5.7 program interface, I like … ++interesting of the previous one.


    September 5, 2019at 9:46 am

    It can always be improved. Thanks anyway.
    Development dept.
    Zanotti L.


September 12, 2019at 11:51 am

Integration with our ecommerce works and saves me a lot of time compared to before. Thanks


September 18, 2019at 4:56 pm

I worked for years with an obsolete production program. Already in a month and a half I have seen significant progress with Arpro Erp. I believe the choice made is correcst. Thanks
CEO Michael, TecnoCoop, llc

Annalisa T.

October 1, 2019at 1:08 pm

I own a small company open for several years, I always found myself obliged to pay the amounts for the support service, even if I didn’t need it. Today everything is mandatory, at least no longer my management program. Thank you @/arpro.
Annalisa, owner TDESIGN


October 3, 2019at 3:44 pm

I like the new version 5.7. Good job guys.
Albert C.

    Maurelli A.

    October 6, 2019at 7:45 am

    Me too. Just installed it, it looks better and works faster considering that I use an old computer :)))
    TAMPOGRAFIA Maurelli.

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