Your Business Must Make $$$

Your Business Must Make $$$

Tracking your income and expenses is one of the first steps in managing your company finances.

You need to start understanding your current financial situation. The only way to make sure you are spending money on the things that truly matter is keeping a record of your income and expenses. You can record them by hand, in a spreadsheet or a program.




@/Arpro makes it easy, fast and organized!


After @/Arpro tracks your expenses for a while you will find where you actually spend the most money and whether you should limit yourself or split the category to find the root of the spending so you can set up a realistic budget for future spending.

Knowing how much you have to spend and spending no more than is allotted in each spending category puts you in control of your finances.


@/Arpro is a sort of “Periodic Income and Expense Tracker”, allowing you to have a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly detailed income and expenses.

The overall balance (profit or loss) is automatically calculated as entries are entered. Automatic expense (and income) entries that occur each period of choice may also be defined and tracked, ensuring that you do not forget them.

Everything is well done and under control!